Daemon Adventures revisits their first campsite for a 1 year channel-anniversary. Camping in the winter cold, much needed relaxation, some simple meals around the campfire, and even a little exploration. Join us as we head back to Bodine Fields in the Jersey Pine Barrens, come to some boundary lines best left uncrossed… and earn one young scout her winter camping patch, and end the trip with one epic rainbow!

Audiio.com – SLPSTRM, Secret Road To Nowhere, License #: 5808549916
Audiio.com – KJohn Jin Han, 26, License #: 9259099972
uppbeat.io – Meteorite, Wisangauppbeat.io – Rain Drops, Simon Fowler
uppbeat.io – Wild West Blues, Mark July
uppbeat.io – Strings of the Soul, Pecan Pie
uppbeat.io – Desert Druids, Kidcut
uppbeat.io – Sunday Fun Day, Giulio Fazio
uppbeat.io – By Your Side, Juston Lee
uppbeat.io – Silent Hill, Daniel Zambo
uppbeat.io – Roll With Me, Tobias Voigt
uppbeat.io – We The People, Sky Toes

We love to take our FJ out to the trails and enjoy ourselves, but we always do so with respect for the trails and the grounds provided, following all local regulations as we understand them. This includes staying on trails designated as state roads or otherwise marked as permitted. We believe if you treat the environment with respect, it will remain enjoyable for everyone for years to come.

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