It’s been a whole year since we attended the Mid-Atlantic Overland Festival #MAOF and we’re back to explore the local forest trails, meet new friends, and see what the many vendors have this year. We tackle that technical course again with varying levels of success, we cook up some great camp food, capture amazing photos of the Milky Way, and sleep through some pretty epic lightning storms. Check out this year’s festival! – 4980092457, 6412426320, 7723226208, 6194275615, 0502108401, 4562854968, 2528821643, 3516392541, 3856574479, 1241573000, 0707773617, 1461622323, 9889720494, 4480335350, 2478805137,

We love to take our FJ out to the trails and enjoy ourselves, but we always do so with respect for the trails and the grounds provided, following all local regulations as we understand them. This includes staying on trails designated as state roads or otherwise marked as permitted. We believe if you treat the environment with respect, it will remain enjoyable for everyone for years to come.

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