Daemon Adventures takes another trip on the Trans New Jersey Trail around the cranberry bogs of Pemberton Township, and stumbles on the local history of the White family and the impact their little Whitesbog Village had on the world. Join us for some cranberry and blueberry history along with some of the beautiful scenery in the Jersey Pine Barrens.

Check out Whitesbog Village when you’re in town!

Whitebog historical images have been sourced through the Library of Congress, and through the Whitesbog Archive.

Music from Uppbeat: Urban Control, Open Road, Moonlight Feather, Sun in the Heart, Lost in Thoughts, Beyond the Stars, Sinking Feeling, Family Infraction, Dead Lift

Blueberry Image – LanaDelRey, CC2.0

Blueberry Pie image – Travis Wise, CC2.0

Blueberry Muffins image – Rob Pongsajapan, CC2.0

Blueberry Tart image – quinntheislander, CC0

Blueberry Pancakes image – Janine, CC2.0


We love to take our FJ out to the trails and enjoy ourselves, but we always do so with respect for the trails and the grounds provided, following all local regulations as we understand them. This includes staying on trails designated as state roads or otherwise marked as permitted. We believe if you treat the environment with respect, it will remain enjoyable for everyone for years to come.

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